What Is Document Retrieval, & What Documents Can It Find?


When attorneys work on any case in a particular state, oftentimes, the information they require to build a strong case isn’t readily available to them. Given the number of people who move around from one state to another each year, it’s extremely common for a law firm in New York, for example, to need documents located at the courthouse across the country. 

Simply put, document retrieval is a process of finding where particular legal documents are located or retrieving and obtaining copies of the necessary legal documents. While one may think it’s easy, given the technological advancements, more often than not, it’s fairly challenging. 

Document Retrieval: A Brief Overview 

The process of retrieving documents is far more complex than one might think, as it’s not limited to simply calling up the courthouse to ask for a particular document. There have been numerous cases where one doesn’t know the case number, location, or who is authorized to give the information. It’s also crucial that while finding the needed documents, various particular laws and rules in each jurisdiction are understood.  

Professionals at our corporate law firm have access to many databases and various other sources of information needed to find the documents our clients need. Our team is well-versed with submitting all forms correctly while knowing who to speak to to get all the answers. This results in correct documents reaching our clients and much faster than if they were to conduct the hunt or research themselves. It enables our clients to focus on other crucial aspects of the concerned case. 

What Documents Can Be Retrieved? 

Professional document retriever checking legal documents 

Nearly every type of legal document that is available in public records can be found via efficient document retrieval services. Here’s a list of a few of the most common documents that our team has experience retrieving.

  • Birth certificates
  • Deeds
  • Marriage licenses
  • Death certificates
  • Subpoenas 
  • Complaints
  • Orders of judgment 
  • Divorce records
  • Land records 
  • Pieces of evidence 

If you’re looking for proficient document retrievers, get in touch with experts at Elite Legal Services of NY Inc.. We have an experienced team equipped with cutting-edge tools, knowledge, and connections needed to help find any documents you might need for a case. 

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