Summons & Complaint

Service of Summons & Complaint requires plaintiffs to inform the defendant about the complaint along with a summons notice that requires the defendant to respond in court. Serving a lawsuit to a defendant has particular requirements, which is why many private individuals and legal industry experts choose professional process servers to ensure compliance with these requirements.

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What is Service of a Summons & Complaint?

A Summons & Complaint is a process where legal action is initiated in a city, state, or federal court, and all involved parties are identified. A Summons document compels the defendant to appear in court so they can respond to the plaintiff’s complaint. The complaint outlines the reason why the plaintiff filed the lawsuit and what action the plaintiff wants the courts to take to settle the lawsuit.

As part of the legal proceedings, the plaintiff needs to send a copy of the Summons & Complaint to the defendant. In state and city courts, a Summons & Complaint needs to be served to the defendant with 120 days of being issued. Federal courts mandate that a Summons & Complaintdocument needs to served in 90 days, except in the Northern District of New York, which offers 60 days for process serving after the docket number is purchased. Generally, it’s best practice to deliver the Summons & Complaint as early as possible.

Serving a Summons & Complaint

Service of process must be done by a party that has no relevance to the lawsuit and is over the age of 18. Sometimes, people choose law enforcement officials such as a police officer or sheriff to deliver the Summons & Complaint, but the norm is to hire a professional private process service who is more familiar with the process.

When you hire a private process server, they will give you an Affidavit of Service as proof that they served the defendant. This needs to be filed as soon as possible with the court so that you can proceed with the case. If the court isn’t satisfied with how the Summons & Complaint was served, your case could be delayed or even dismissed.

New York City Process Servers

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