Divorce Papers

The decision to proceed with a divorce can be very difficult and often leaves you feeling emotionally drained. During this time, the process of serving divorce papers to your spouse shouldn’t be an additional worry. Hiring a professional process server can help streamline the process and take away some of the frustration and worry.

Our licensed process servers are well-equipped to serve your divorce papers in a respectful and timely manner in all New York City boroughs. If you’re looking for some guidance on how divorce papers are served, here’s all the basic information you’ll need.

Filing for Divorce

Once you’re ready to get a divorce or legal separation, you need to file the correct paperwork before serving papers. A dissolution petition is generally the first step, and this paperwork needs to be filed and served to initiate the divorce process. The petition covers detail about the marriage, the reason for the divorce, and what is being asked for as a result of the divorce.

Depending on which state you’re operating in, the petition will require supporting documents such as the marriage license, birth certificate of the spouses and any children, and financial information, including bank statements, tax returns, vehicle and property registrations.

Getting the Correct Legal Divorce Paperwork

Filing correct paperwork requires you to visit the court where your spouse resides. Here, a court clerk will review all the paperwork to ensure you have the correct documentation. They will then stamp the paperwork and then return two copies to you. Keep one copy in your personal record, and you’ll need to serve the other copy to your spouse.

Divorce Paperwork

To proceed with your divorce, you will likely need to include copies of:

  • The summons
  • The filed complaint
  • The joint preliminary injunction

The necessary paperwork will be ready for you once you’ve filed for divorce. A copy of the divorce papers, including the complaint, summons, and other relevant documents, need to be served to the other party. Keep the original versions of these documents safe because they need to be sent back to the court after service. The responsibility of serving these papers is on you, and you need to ensure that this is done within 120 days of filing the complaint.

Serving Divorce Papers

Serving divorce papers is an important step. It’s important to note that divorce papers cannot be served by you, your child, and anyone else involved in the case. Sometimes, legal paperwork can be sent via certified mail. However, this requires an acknowledgment from the receiving party. If your spouse is attempting to avoid divorce, this acknowledgment can be difficult.

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