Bronx, NY

Experienced and reliable process servers are the key to getting your court documents served properly. Established in 1992, Elite Legal Services of NY, Inc is your partner in service of process solutions. We’re the trusted choice for private individuals, legal firms, and corporate legal departments in Bronx, NY.

Professional Process Servers in Bronx, NY

After the case has been started by the petitioner or plaintiff, all legal papers need to be served within a deadline before the case can move forward. Professional process servers an edge over other options like the sheriff’s department.

Timely Service

Timely service of process is an essential component of proper document delivery. Whether it’s complaints, summonses, writs, subpoenas, or any other court documents, these documents need to be served within a specific date of publication. Delays in the process can prevent your case from proceeding as expected. When you choose professional process servers in Bronx, NY, we make it our top priority to meet all your service of process needs.

Since skilled process servers offer specialized services, we are typically faster and more efficient at delivering your papers compared to police officers. Plus, we also offer a rush process service and same-day process serving in case you’re looking for faster solutions.

Knowledge of the Law

Service of process is governed by a multitude of laws in Bronx, NY. Sheriff’s departments often have to handle a lot of responsibilities which means that they might not be able to keep in mind possible violations.

On the other hand, process servers are well-versed in the Rules of Civil Procedure and any applicable laws regarding correct process serving. We give you an Affidavit of Service and collect proof in case you need to show proof of proper service.

Customer Service

At Elite Legal Services of NY, Inc, our process servers take the time to ensure that our customers are happy. We work diligently to track defendants to serve and notify them efficiently. We also maintain close communication with our clients and provide regular updates in the form of status reports. This way, you can rest assured our process servers give you the best chance of success. Given the specialized nature of the work, we also offer tailored solutions to meet your process serving needs.

Professional and Prompt Service of Process in New York

The expert process servers at Elite Legal Services of NY, Inc have years of experience serving a wide range of official documents safely and accurately. Today, we’re the top choice in the Tri-state area and the New York Metro area serving all boroughs, including the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island, as well as Nassau County, Richmond County, Westchester County, Putnam County, Suffolk County, and New Jersey.

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