Skip Trace Services & Background Checks

Skip trace services

Skip trace services are an important area of legal process service. In many cases, when one of the parties involved in a lawsuit or courtroom battle seems to have skipped town, tracing them to their current location and serving due legal notices becomes critical for the lawsuit’s progress.

At Elite Legal Services of New York, Inc. we proudly offer professional skip trace services to help clients locate individuals that either do not want to be found or have little idea they have are being searched for a legal notice. In either case, our seasoned skip tracers locate these individuals and deliver process notices with proof of service.

How is skip tracing done?

Skip tracing is a complicated feat achieved with a sophisticated blend of wit, investigative abilities, and problem solving skills. Our professional skip tracers begin the process by gathering information about the last known movements of the subject. They use surveillance and other investigative techniques to collect, verify and integrate all information that can be unearthed about the subject.

The goal of this exercise is to either reveal the current location of the subject, which is often hidden in the public information available regarding the subject, or discover a point of contact.

Our skip trace services is performed with a broad-net approach. Apart from making a timeline of the last known movements of the subject, we utilize various information databases to discover clues that could lead us to the subject. These databases and sources of information usually include:

  • Utility services payment records (electricity, phone, gas, internet, cable, water, etc.)
  • Phone number databases
  • Bank account and credit card activity
  • Public tax information
  • Social security and disability
  • Job portals

We also conduct criminal background checks and legally surveil family members and/or friends to trace down the missing subject.

How is skip tracing done?

  • We have been in the business since 1992.
  • We have resolved hundreds – if not over a thousand – skip trace cases and served legal notices to people who skipped town.
  • We have a seasoned unit of skip tracers who make sure when the subject is found they are served due notices appropriately according to the law of the land.
  • We use sophisticated investigative technology to find clues about the subject and begin the search sooner than most of our competitors can.

What’s the next step

Now that you know Elite Legal Services truly offers elite skip trace services, call us on  718-831-9060  today and start the conversation about who you want us to find. Our services are available for the entire country and are managed by former law enforcement and investigative professionals.