Emancipation Orders in the US: How Do They Work?

Young adult girl signing emancipation documents.

Emancipation orders in the US are used to emancipate minors from parental control or authority. Once a young man or woman turns 18 or reaches adulthood as determined by law, it’s their fundamental right to live as they wish. However, that doesn’t mean emancipation orders are only granted on the request of the young adults themselves. Sometimes, a parent file for emancipation themselves.

This blog post will highlight all the important details of emancipation orders and how they work in the US. 

What Is Emancipation?

Emancipation is the legal process that frees a minor from his/her parents, assuming adult-like responsibility for him/her. Once a court grants emancipation status, the minor is treated as an adult in many ways. The parent no longer has any legal rights to make decisions about their kid’s health, education or welfare. If a parent does not voluntarily release these rights, an adult may file a petition with the court to obtain emancipation once they turn 18. 

Why Do People Seek Emancipation? 

There are many reasons young adults may want to get emancipated. Maybe their parents are neglectful, abusive, or suffer from addiction and they are no longer able to deal with it. Or maybe it’s just because they just need to be more independent but their parents refuse to acknowledge that they’re an adult now. Whatever reason might be to seek emancipation orders, there’s a particular procedure that needs to be followed.  

What Does Emancipation Mean?

If you are emancipated, a court has freed you from parental control and responsibility for your care and well-being. You become your own guardian, taking care of all affairs related to your daily life (such as health, education, or financial matters) in accordance with the laws that apply to adults.

What Are The Benefits Of Emancipation?

Once a young adult has been emancipated, they gain many new rights and freedoms. They can start looking for a job, purchase or lease a car, vote, apply for credit cards and loans, receive Social Security benefits and much more. 

When Should You File For Emancipation?

You may file an emancipation petition if you feel ready to manage your life without the assistance of your parents. The court will decide whether or not to grant you emancipation.  You should have a general understanding of the process and what will occur if you are approved for emancipation status.

What Is The Process Of Filing For Emancipation?

Before you file for emancipation, make sure you’re aware of your state’s emancipation laws. You will need to fill out an affidavit of emancipation, mentioning all the details and providing the necessary documents. You can also hire a processing agency to do so on your behalf. They can deal with all the paperwork and save your time and energy as well. 

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