Child Support Programs in NYC You Should Know About

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Divorce is a painful and traumatic experience for a child, and it can have a long-term impact on their mental and physical well-being. Research shows that single parents struggle to raise their children alone and often face financial difficulties in upbringing them. 


How Do Child Support Programs Work? 

Benefitting from child support services can help such parents secure a better and brighter future for their children. Any custodial or non-custodial parent can benefit from the child support programs by filing a petition in Family Court. It’s up to the court to decide ways in which the parents may receive support. 

Child support programs can also help single parents by locating the non-custodial parent as well when they’re missing. Apart from that, they also help establish paternity or legal fatherhood if the biological father is missing. 

Custodian and Non-Custodian Parents

A court may also release child support orders for a child’s education and medical support. Every state also has different means of ensuring that the child support orders and enforced properly. If a noncustodial parent believes that the custodial parent is not good enough to manage a child’s expense, they may also file a petition for child support. However, that doesn’t mean that a custodial parent is at risk of losing custody if they request child support. 

A child support program can also help non-custodial parents by eliminating or at least lowering any debt for child support that they owe to the government. A non-custodial parent also has the right to request changes to an existing child support order. In some states, there are child support programs that help parents find a suitable job. 

A child’s hand in the hand of an adult.

How to Obtain Child Support Orders?

There are different types of applications for child support programs. You can apply Child Support Application for receiving Cash Assistance. Alternatively, you can also file a petition for other forms of assistance. Some parents also apply for only Medicaid. If you’re confused about which type of child assistance program suits you, then hiring a law firm or processing agency can help. Some process servers can help you file and receive your child support orders on the same day. 

Lawyers or processing services in NYC can help you with these matters and make things easier. You can also find an experienced divorce lawyer to better understand the processes. If you are looking for a law firm or professional process server agency in New York, reach out to us. At Elite Processing and Legal Services, we offer same-day process serving in New York’s five boroughs from Queens and Brooklyn to The Bronx. Reach out to us for all your process service needs.


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