4 Ways Technology Has Made Us Better At Process Serving

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The contemporary world requires businesses to stay on top of their game by adapting to the ever-evolving latest technologies that jump-start their journey to efficiency. At Elite Legal Services of NY Inc., we strive to find ways to provide proficient process serving services while ensuring your legal documents reach where they need to go quickly, affordably, and more easily. 

Here’s a list of ways technology usage has made our process serving agency better at serving our clients. 

#1 Transparent And Easier Communication 

Typically, crucial legal documents are sent off for service. Often, one can have difficulty determining whether the designated process server has started the work on getting them appropriately delivered.  

Using cutting-edge technology has enabled us to drive away your anxieties. We can now provide our clients with quick and convenient real-time updates on the process serving service to ensure our clients get peace of mind while informing them of what stage of the process we are at and the overall progress of the service. 

#2 Compliance 

While we ensure that every step taken by our process servers is as per the regulations, using innovative technology enables us to maintain an accurate process trail. 

The digital records show the details of when the client submitted the legal documents for service, any additional requests or details provided, all the attempts our process servers have made, and other notes regarding the procedure.

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#3 Less Wasted Time 

Traditional process serving included a lot of administrative tasks and time wasted while figuring out where to go. This meant that fewer documents could be served in the same amount of time while increasing the overall time of the papers reaching from our client’s hands to the person they are meant for. 

Since the advent of modern technology, our team doesn’t need to waste time printing complex maps to plan which route will be more efficient when trying to reach point A to B, enter crucial data, or physically take the Proof of Service document to the courthouse. 

This enables us to provide effective services and helps us keep our prices affordable as the same number of staff can now perform better and quicker. 

#4 Work Smart, Not Hard 

Since the laws and regulations have undergone into effect, law firms have begun expecting their papers to be served faster, which has boosted the demand for process servers. It would be challenging to keep up with the rising demand without some robust technology backing us. 

Technology has enabled us to offer an easily accessible, well-organized system that helps us predict workload better, send process servers to areas that make the most sense while streamlining operations so that document delivery is done efficiently and quickly. 

If you’re looking to work with a premium quality process serving agency, you can trust experts at Elite Legal Services of NY Inc. Our experienced team can support the needs of your law firm without making things too complicated.

 Apart from housing a team of professional process servers, the leading process serving agency also offers a comprehensive range of legal processing services, including preparing divorce summon papers, civil summons and complaints, and more

Reach out to us if you want to learn more about our legal services or same-day process service.


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