subpoena service

Subpoenas are court writs in writing that order a person to be present in a courtroom and deliver their testimony or required evidence. Many lawsuits get complicated because a lot of important witnesses do not want to attend the court. As part of the United States’ legal tradition of process of service, it is necessary that a party required to be present in court and/or testify must be served a court issued subpoena for testimony and/or evidence.

What if the person required to attend court does not want to be involved in the court proceedings? What if they are nowhere to be found or deliberately avoiding situations where you could serve them the subpoena?

That’s when you call our professional subpoena service team. As a team of nationwide court document servers since 1992, we have served thousands of court subpoenas to individuals who were dragging our clients’ lawsuits. With our timely assistance, clients were able to secure important testimonies and had their cases reach a conclusion faster.

A truly elite subpoena service

Our professional subpoena servers in New York and all other parts of the country have plenty of experience in serving subpoenas, strictly following the requirements of the state and federal laws applicable to any situation in legal process service. We are also well-versed in the requirements of the Uniform Interstate Depositions & Discovery Act of 2007 for out-of-state subpoena service and discovery of evidence, which means our servers remain fully compliant to the rules of the state where the subpoena seeks discovery while doing their job, leaving no loophole for your opposing party to exploit.


How our subpoena service process works

Our subpoena service is designed to work in a streamlined process to save you time, costs, and other resources. As your professional subpoena servers, we aim to have your court subpoenas delivered as fast as possible without any impediments in the process.

Therefore, our process follows these simple steps to get the job done to perfection:

  1. You contact us, discuss your subpoena service needs, and send us the documents via mail, courier, fax or email.
  2. You make the payment for the service in advance (via money order, credit or debit card transaction, or attorney check) and get an instant receipt in your email inbox for your records.
  3. Once inspected – with your permission – the subpoenas are sealed in one or more envelopes as required.
  4. The package is then dispatched to our subpoena server who is closest to the intended recipient and serves them with the subpoena.

If any other services are required to complete the job – such as skip trace services for missing parties – we recommend them to you and can perform them as well for you.

Talk to us & get your subpoena ad testificandum, subpoena duces tecum, and information subpoenas served on time.